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When it comes to bringing natural beauty into your home, installing natural stone tile flooring in your bathroom is a great place to start. High-quality tile materials such as slate, granite and marble can transform your bathroom into a luxe sanctuary. Natural beauty is always in style, so a stone tiled bathroom will add value to your Downers Grove home for years to come. Read on to learn more about your options when it comes to choosing natural stone tile for your bathroom floor from the experts at Floor Coverings International® of Burr Ridge.


Known for its deep gray color and rustic texture, slate tile can imbue your Downers Grove bathroom with a sense of stylish tranquility. Slate is a sedimentary rock, meaning that it was formed from the compression of layers and layers of fine sediment such as clay and ash. If you’re hoping to make your bathroom feel a bit cozier, slate tile floors are a good place to start. The dark stone will bring a serene, comforting energy to your bathroom.

Downers Grove area homeowners can choose between cleft slate, where the stone’s natural layers are kept to add textural interest to the tile, or polished slate, which has a uniform appearance. Cleft slate hides dirt and imperfections easily, making it lower-maintenance than polished slate. However, all slate tile is fairly easy to care for, as it simply needs to be routinely swept and mopped with a gentle cleanser.

marble bathroom tile Downers Grove


Marble is known for its shimmery, pale color and dark veins. Smooth, polished marble tile will give any space an opulent feel, so choose marble if you want to create a sense of luxury in your home. Although marble is beautiful, it’s not as durable as some other natural stone materials, and so extra care must be taken to carefully finish and gently clean marble tiles. However, many homeowners in Downers Grove find that marble’s classic, glamorous appearance is well worth the extra care.


Granite has a sparkly, crystalline appearance. Slight variation in color is common in granite, as it is in many types of natural stone. Unlike marble, granite is stain-resistant, and extremely durable. When it comes to bathroom flooring, a polished granite can be extremely slick, so it’s not ideal for families with children or older individuals prone to falling. However, with the addition of the right bathmat, granite floors will give your bathroom a posh, polished feel.

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