Pet friendly flooring in Downers GroveIf you have pets at home, you probably know that they can be hard on your floors. Stained carpet and scratched hardwood are a common issue for Downers Grove homeowners with pets, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with damaged flooring. If your floors have seen better days, consider installing pet-friendly flooring from Floor Coverings International Downers Grove. Here are our top picks:


If you love hardwoods but can’t bear to spend so much money on floors that will soon be scratched or stained by your pets, then consider laminate instead. Laminate flooring is a great dupe for hardwood, but can be made with extra-durable finishes that resist wear and tear. Laminate is also much cheaper than hardwood, so you won’t feel so bad if your pets find a way to damage it.


You may not have considered cork flooring, but it’s actually a very pet-friendly (and eco-friendly!) option. It’s durable and moisture-resistant, so it should last well, even with pets around. Best of all, cork flooring absorbs sound, so you won’t have to listen to the click of your pet’s claws on a hard floor.


Stone and tile are definitely the most durable, pet-proof flooring options. Scratching and staining won’t be a problem for tile – it’s easy to clean, too. However, if you choose natural stone, make sure that it’s properly sealed so it won’t be etched by everyday wear and tear. The main downside of tile is that it can feel hard and cold on the feet. If that’s a concern, try adding area rugs or under-floor heating to make it more comfortable.


Vinyl flooring may be the best all-around flooring option for pet owners. It’s durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. It’s also moisture-resistant, so as long as liquids don’t sit on the floor for too long, they won’t cause any damage. Vinyl also has extra cushioning underneath, so it’s comfortable for both you and your pet to walk on.

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Photo Credit: Africa Studio