Tile is a great flooring choice for many homeowners in the Downers Grove, Bolingbrook, and Woodridge area. It’s a low maintenance option that is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Tile is known for reducing allergens and improving the overall air quality of your home. With so many options, it can be hard to choose which tile is best for you. Luckily, the team at Floor Coverings International Downers Grove has you covered with this guide to the four most popular types of tile.

Porcelain Tile: The High-End Option

Porcelain Tile in Downers Grove

Porcelain is composed of extremely fine clay particles that make it almost completely waterproof and resistant to scratches. It performs well in bathrooms and is widely used for flooring in high foot traffic areas because of its durability. Porcelain tiles are a great all-around option that come in many styles and work for all kinds of projects.

Ceramic Tile: The Economical Option

Ceramic Tile in Downers Grove

Ceramic tiles are a less expensive alternative to porcelain and another favorite for bathrooms and high traf

fic areas. While they’re not technically as waterproof as porcelain, they can do the job just as well for residential spaces. Ceramic is extremely popular as it is the most economical option when compared to other types of tile.  

Glass Tile: The Stylish Option

Glass Tile in Downers Grove

Glass tiles look amazing and come in a wide variety of patterns that are sure to make a statement in any living space. They can be made of completely recycled materials and are perfect for the environmentally conscious homeowner. While you may be able to create a beautiful tile backsplash, glass isn’t the best for floors because it chips easier than other types of tile. Glass tile is also fairly expensive, but is commonly combined with ceramic tiles for a more cost-effective project.

Stone Tile: The Dependable Option

Stone tile in Downers Grove

Natural stone tiles are a gorgeous and practical choice for nearly every project. They’re ideal for both indoor and outdoor use due to their extreme scratch and water resistance. Stone tiles will last you and your family for a long time with minimal maintenance. Their unique look is a favorite in Burr Ridge households!

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Still not sure which tile is the best for your project? Our team is dedicated to helping families in the Downers Grove, Bolingbrook, and Woodridge area find the perfect flooring solution. Check out more types of tile on our online product gallery and schedule a free consultation with the experts at Floor Coverings International Downers Grove today.

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