A bohemian style is laid-back, welcoming, and eclectic. It’s no surprise that this style continues to stay popular. Have you embraced a bohemian vibe for your home? Are you trying to capture the look? Either way, your floors have a major impact on the aesthetic of your home. Floor Coverings International Downers Grove has compiled our top choices for flooring that looks incredible in a bohemian home.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is beautiful, bright, and natural. Get down-to-earth with this eco-friendly hardwood alternative. The simple grain pattern and warm shades of bamboo will perfectly complement a bohemian look. Bamboo looks stylish with a variety of different colors and decor choices. The simple, understated appearance of bamboo will allow your home decor to shine.

bamboo flooring

Vintage Area Rugs

A bohemian style cozy but full of personality – just like a vintage area rug! A classic pattern or artistically faded fabric can add character and style to your home. A Turkish rug, for example, has a distinct pattern and varied color palette. You can also layer area rugs on top of each other to create an ultra-comfortable, eye-catching look that’s perfectly bohemian.

area rug

Hand-Scraped Hardwood Flooring

Hand-scraped hardwood is an authentic and historic method of finishing hardwood. The hand-scraping process creates minor inconsistencies in the wood, such as pockets, scrapes, and marks. This creates a unique flooring with plenty of personality. These floors will look beautiful in a laid-back bohemian home.

hand scraped hardwood flooring

Sisal Carpeting

Sisal carpeting is a beautiful natural carpeting option for your home. Sisal is created from the spiny leaves of the Agave plant, which are sun-dried and spun together to create a durable yarn. Resilient to damage and all-natural, sisal melds durability with visual appeal. The unique texture and appearance of sisal make it ideal for bringing a natural, rustic vibe to your home.

sisal carpeting

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