Hardwood floors are one of the most important investments a homeowner can make. For homeowners in Downers Grove, cleaning and maintaining your hardwood is the most critical step to protect this investment. Your experts here at Floor Coverings International Downers Grove are here with our professional tips that will help your floor last for generations!

Top Priorities

  • No matter how hard we try, spills and accidents on hardwood are inevitable. Make sure to clean up spilled liquids like coffee, water, and wine immediately, as these can permanently stain, warp, and/or etch your hardwood.
  • Pay special attention to your pets and ensure that their paws are clean and nails are trimmed. Though they may be small, the scratches and scuffs caused by pets can seriously damage to your hardwood.
  • Shoes and heels can leave marks and dents on your floors as well. Having a “no shoes on the hardwood” rule will add an extra layer of protection to your floor.

Hardwood Care in Downers Grove

Daily Routine

Whether it’s sweeping or dry mopping, it’s important to establish a quick and easy daily routine for hardwood care. This will catch large bits of dust and dirt that get tracked in and mitigate the scratches that dirt can cause.


Unfortunately, sweeping doesn’t catch everything. That’s why we recommend that you vacuum your hardwood once a week in order to catch the set-in dirt and to clean the edges of the floor. We find that a brush or broom attachment works best for a gentle clean. If you don’t have those, just be sure to vacuum with the bristle function turned off, as that will prevent your vacuum from scratching and damaging your hardwood.

Sanding refinish hardwood care Downers Grove

Once a Decade

Sticking to daily and monthly routines are important factors to keeping your floor looking fresh and new. However, as we’ve said, accidents are inevitable. Scratches, dents, and spills are a part of life and even little ones can build up over time. That’s why we recommend that you sand and refinish your hardwood floor about once a decade. This process sands away the surface blemishes and adds a fresh coat of finisher polish to your floor. Think of it as a mini facelift for your hardwood! As this is a difficult task, we don’t recommend you do it alone. Contact us at Floor Coverings International Downers Grove when the time comes.


Start Today!

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