You may not realize it, but there are many different types and styles of carpet available. Trying to decide which is best for your Downers Grove home can be challenging. Fortunately, our Floor Coverings International Downers Grove experts can help. Here are three of the most popular styles of carpet on the market today and what type of household they are best suited for.

Saxony carpet in Downers Grove


When most people envision carpet in their head, they think of saxony carpet. This is a plush type of carpet that is medium-length. It is neither long nor short. It is plush, making it warm and comfortable. It is also available in a wide array of colors, patterns and textures, meaning there is a style for every household. This is the perfect carpet for both low and high traffic areas. The biggest downside to this style is that it holds more dirt, dust and dander than low pile carpets, making it a poor choice for those with breathing conditions like asthma or bad allergies.

Berber carpet in Downers Grove


Berber carpet is a low pile carpet. It features small, low loops with a firm texture. This type of carpeting does not stain easily, does not hold as much dirt, dust and dander as longer pile carpets, and is one of the more inexpensive carpet options. Because of the loop pattern, this carpet style can withstand a lot of wear, making it perfect in high traffic areas. The downside to Berber carpet is that it is not plush and soft. It can feel slightly rough, which may not be ideal for those with crawling babies or toddlers who like to play on the floor.

Frieze carpet in Downers Grove


Frieze carpeting is this generation’s shag carpet. It features long strands of carpet that create a fun, textured appearance. However, unlike shag, the strands are much thinner for a more modern look. Frieze carpets help to hide stains and dirt, making them perfect for those with pets or kids. They also are comfortable and keep a space warm. The downside to this type of carpet is that it is a long strand, so it holds a lot of dirt and dust.

Selecting the right type of carpet for you can be a big decision. Learning about each carpet type will help you decide which one best suits your Downers Grove home. To get personalized advice, call Floor Coverings International Downers Grove and schedule a free consultation today!

Photo Credits: Virunja, Turn on, Oleksandr Berezko