Berber carpeting in Downers GroveIf you are looking to carpet a space in your Downers Grove home or business, you may be looking at various types of carpet. Learning about the different types will help you narrow down your options and hone in on the type that is best for you. Fortunately, the Floor Coverings International Downers Grove experts are here to help! Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about classic, dependable Berber carpeting.

What is Berber Carpeting?

Berber carpet is made from a loop pile design. Various fiber strands are used to form a tight, knotted loop, which makes up the texture of the carpet. These fibers are usually made of nylon, olefin, polyester, or wool.

What Are the Benefits of Berber Carpeting?

The loop pile design of the carpet helps to make it durable. Cut pile carpeting can begin to wear or unravel as it is walked upon over and over. That is not the case with Berber carpeting, making it a great option for high traffic spaces. Additionally, you have the option of choosing Berber carpeting in nylon and wool — both stain-resistant options. Olefin, another option, helps resist mold and mildew.

Is Berber Expensive?

Berber carpeting can be inexpensive, mid-range or pricey, depending on the fibers that the carpet is made from. Olefin or polyester Berbers tend to be some of the cheaper carpet options available. Nylon Berber carpet is in the mid-range price for carpet, and wool Berber tends to be the priciest option.

Who Should Use Berber Carpet?

Berber is a great option for someone who needs carpet in a high-traffic area, such as a busy family room, daycare center or storefront. The carpet is able to withstand a lot of traffic and still look great when properly cleaned and cared for.

If you are looking for new carpeting, call Floor Coverings International Downers Grove today! Schedule a free consultation and let us help you find you the right type of carpet or flooring for your Downers Grove home, office or commercial space.

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Photo Credit: Jeffrey B. Banke