Our friendly professionals know what it takes to make the perfect flooring: stylishness, durability, and affordability. Whether it’s renewing your home space or rejuvenating your work environment, our staff members can show you flooring selections that will meet your needs and then some! If you are a homeowner in Downers Grove looking for a “triple threat” hardwood, we highly recommend considering birch. This flooring’s beauty and versatility make it perfect for any living or working place.

Origin of Birch Hardwoodbirch hardwood flooring in downers grove

This hardwood is a cousin to oak but sets itself apart from its relative as a naturally firmer and sturdier material. Birch hardwood stuns with its curvaceous grain and natural coloration. The price of this flooring is considerably lower in comparison to its alternatives, making it a feasible option for anyone in the greater Downers Grove, Bolingbrook, and Woodridge area. The purchase of birth is an investment that will benefit your space due to its unmatched durability at an outstanding price.

Design and the Home

Birch is available in a variety of neutral hues that make it the perfect selection for any simple or bold taste. Its lighter sapwood with darker, contrasting heartwood that features a multifaceted display of light, creamy shades that gently combine deep red and dark brown undertones. Birch has a waviness that mirrors a flame shape that generally runs perpendicular to the grain, also known as curly birch! The confection of light colors and delicate patterns make every floor one of a kind.

birch hardwood flooring in downers grove


Birch hardwood is an excellent selection for residents in Downers Grove wanting flooring with little to no maintenance. We mainly suggest that our clients implement simple cleaning habits into their daily rhythms, such as sweeping or dry mopping. This will prevent dust from accumulating and harboring foreign objects that could potentially scratch your floor while removing the threat of moisture from potentially warping your new hardwood.

Start Today

The friendly experts at Floor Coverings International Downers Grove are here to help you incorporate this top tier flooring into your Downers Grove home today! Give us a call today to schedule a complimentary consultation and visit from our mobile showroom. We proudly offer a wide range of flooring products and services to residents in the greater Downers Grove, Bolingbrook, and Woodridge area.

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