Maple hardwood flooring in Downers GroveFor the busy homeowner looking to replace the floors in their Downers Grove home, it can be difficult to decide which product will best suit your needs. Maple hardwood flooring offers the crisp, clean lines associated with modern décor, combined with the warmth, durability, and resilience of hardwood. Here are some of reasons why our Floor Coverings International Downers Grove experts recommend maple floors:

Maple’s Dense Grain Offers Durability

High-quality maple tends to have a dense grain when professionally polished. If you obtain maple from a superior manufacturer, it can even be difficult to see the grain at all through the smooth finish. As such, maple resists dents and scratches better than many other hardwoods on the market. However, be careful when choosing your species of maple flooring! There are softer species of maple that may include darker grains and are more likely to scratch and dent. Hard maple, also called sugar maple, is the most durable species of maple you are likely to find in flooring.

Maple’s Natural Color Deepens with Time

When sealed with a clear finish, maple’s creamy appearance will darken over time into a light honeyed brown. It will also retain its beautiful smooth surface, unlike other wood species, which may show their grain more distinctly as they age.

Maple Creates a Contemporary Floor Designed to Last

Many current decor trends include bright white kitchens and brilliant splashes of color. The clean, natural tones of maple hardwood flooring complement these contemporary color palettes and angular shapes. At the same time, maple will remain timeless and work just as well when more traditional styles return in the future. You won’t be compelled to change out your classic maple hardwood flooring simply to stay current with the times.

Our Floor Coverings International Downers Grove experts can’t wait to help you find the right floors for your Downers Grove home. Call today to schedule a free consultation!

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Photo Credit: Dan Thornberg