walnut hardwood in downers grove

After months of saving and budgeting, it is finally time to renovate your home. You are on the hunt for the perfect hardwood floor that will compliment your contemporary style. With countless choices on the market, how do you know which option is right for you? If you are in need of something with a stylish appeal, a sensible price tag, and a satisfactory performance, the experts at Floor Coverings International Downers Grove have the solution for you: Walnut Hardwood.


Walnut features various hues and textures, styles and wood selections, making it a pocket friendly option that is suitable for assorted homes and facilities. This hardwood alternative can be found in numerous states across our nation, making it easily obtainable and decently priced. By choosing walnut hardwood the value of your home increases and makes this simple renovation a profitable investment which is beneficial for your future.


Walnut’s smooth texture and natural look welcomes the eye and comforts the foot, notable with a soft rating of 1010 on the Janka Hardness Scale. It is similar to foreign flooring options with to its elaborate blend of natural tones that range from a snowy white to a dark brown. Because it is a natural wood, deep scratches and unwanted blemishes go easily unnoticed. Although walnut is noted as one of the softest flooring options, it is equally known as one of the most durable of the domestic commercial woods.


For homeowners in Downers Grove in need of a low maintenance option, walnut hardwood is undoubtedly for you. Unlike some hardwood floors, walnut has been known to last for decades. With gentle cleaning habits, by taking immediate action when messes occur, you can prevent your floor from permanent damage. Maintaining painless cleaning habits will ensure a long, fruitful life for your walnut floor.

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